Quick Start Guide

What you’ll need:
Placing Your Light

The versatility of Happy Leaf lights means you can grow in places you never imagined before, such as a closet or a garage.

Yes, you can set the light near a window , but that’s entirely optional.
The efficiency of vertical farming is very appealing. A baker’s rack is a great place to set up for growing indoors.

The space for growing should allow enough room for the mature plant height and the jar. For lettuce, that’s about 14”, plus approximately 10-12” for the space above the plant and the light.
A standard electric outlet should be within reach.
Optimal room temperature range is 65-75 degrees

Visit our YouTube channel for detailed hanging info and tips.
About Passive Hydroponics

Passive hydroponics is a highly efficient gardening method developed by Dr. Bernard Kratky. One of the many advantages of his prized technique is that you do not need complicated pumps or motors. Passive Hydroponics is the simplest method for growing your indoor garden.

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