Garden in a Box with 17″ Procyon Light


Unlock the secrets of the easiest and most successful indoor gardening method you can imagine!

An inclusive kit that features the 17” Procyon LED Grow light along with the key ingredients to learn passive hydroponics.

Start with the included lettuce seeds, and grow lovely and tasty greens in mason jars (wide-mouth quart size not included). It takes less than 5 minutes to start and then you can walk away for a couple weeks and return to 6 jars of healthy greens you grew in about 4 weeks. Low maintenance and when you get going, a jar of lettuce costs about 5 cents in materials to grow.

Kit includes:

  • 17” Procyon Grow light with power supply and digital timer, and eye-bolts for hanging. The right spectrum for full vegetative and flowering growth with a 5 year warranty. USA Made.

  • Clay pellets and net cups (re-usable) for six jars of leafy greens. (Jars not included).

  • Lettuce seeds and nutrients.

  • Detailed instructions.