Procyon 2.0 - 33" Multi LED Grow Light Package

With our 3 or 4 Procyon 2.0 multi LED grow light Packages –

we offer a 260 watt power supply to simplify/consolidate your LED grow light setup. Our multi – light packages simplify your setup with fewer power supplies if you are running 3 or 4 Procyon 2.0 LED grow lights.  This is best for growing on a rack or a specific growing area. Our versatile lights can be used in many different growing set-ups and our optimal wavelength technology and sleek design allow you to grow a variety of foods while taking up minimal space.

Full specifications for Procyon multi LED grow lights can be found HERE


Procyon 2.0 multi LED grow light features

  • Passive cooling
  • Silent operation.
  • Lightweight.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Simple to use, commercial grade
  • Optimal spectrum for vegetative and fruiting/flowering growth on all types of plants
  • Daylight appearance/no pink cast
  • Low voltage DC power (can be powered directly by solar – no inverter)
  • Passive cooling, requires no fans or motors
  • Integrated T-slot channel for easy hanging options with 2 eye-bolt hangers included


See power supply specifications for exact dimensions HERE.

See further details below.

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Procyon 2.0 - 33" Multi LED Grow Light Package

All-purpose LED grow light multi-light packages with full spectrum for vegetative and fruiting/flowering growth on all types of plants. 


Excellent for seed starting as well. Passive cooling, silent operation. Lightweight. 5-year warranty. Made in the USA.  


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About us.

 Happy Leaf LED began as an endeavor by our lighting engineer, Victor Zaderej, to develop a state-of-the-art horticultural grow light based on his in-depth expertise with solid-state-lighting.

Happy Leaf LED is a company that produces commercial quality grow lights that help our customers improve the production of their diverse crops.

We don’t just sell lights, we engineer them ourselves from the ground up, to provide optimal results.

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