Plycon and Polycon Pro

All our lights are Made in the USA
and carry a 5-year Warranty


All our lights are Made in the USA
and carry a 5-year Warranty

Procyon Series

Extremely versatile and powerful, Procyon LED grow lights will last for years. 

Designed and manufactured in U.S., with a simple placement adjustment the Procyon Series light is equally well suited to start and grow seeds,  invigorate early growth, or finish the most demanding plants to their flowering stages.  Silent operation with minimal heat, plus the unique function of an independent power supply that ensures the light will last for many years.  5 Year Replacement Warranty on all lights.

Commercial growers and home growers alike get:

  • Improved yields
  • Strong healthy plants
  • Energy savings

ProcyonPRO - Coming Soon

Keep your eyes out for the release of our ProcyonPRO light in the very near future.


For the most demanding growth requirements.

  • 120° Beam Angle
  • Industry-leading color/wavelength ratios
  • No Offensive Color Cast

Kits, Accessories & Power Supplies

We believe everyone should know how easy it is to grow their own leafy greens and herbs, so we have put together kits that teach the essence of passive hydroponics. 

If you’re looking for different options to power our lights, or hardware for hanging the lights, this is the place.

Kits make a great gift.

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