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FAQ + Instructions

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  • When will my light arrive? »
  • What does an independent analysis of your lights show?
  • Instruction Sheets (Setup/Hanging and Use)? »
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  • Why is “Passive Hydroponics” different from “Hydroponics”? »
  • What kind of warranty do you have? »
  • Are the lights dimmable? »
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When will my light arrive?

We pride ourselves in shipping orders in a timely manner. Most orders are sent within 24 hours of receiving. If you have any special questions, just let us know!

What does an independent analysis of your lights show?

Download the most recent independent test reports we received from OSRAM for our ProcyonPRO and Procyon 2.0 lights. Procyon PRO Independent Lab Results Click Here.   Procyon 2.0 Independent Lab Results Click Here.

How do I hang the light?

Our 17” and 33” lights come with vertically adjustable eye bolts. There are many options to hang them depending on your site. It can be as simple as using string with cord locks and plant hooks to hang them.

Ratcheting adjustable grow light rope hangers are a popular choice. If you are growing on a baker’s rack, you can hang them directly to each shelving unit. Our Garden in a Box kit comes with string and cord locks. 

We have a short video on the basics of how to hang our lights. Click Here To Learn More.


How many hours should I run my lights?

As a general rule, most plants respond wonderfully to 16 hours of light per 24-hour period. Some plants have a unique lighting requirement. For more details on this topic, click here.


Why is “Passive Hydroponics” different from “Hydroponics”?

Passive hydroponics is a simple soil-less way to grow plants that does not require pumps and a lot of specialized equipment to circulate nutrients. In our case, we practice the Kratke method that uses a container filled with nutrient water and relies on air around the top of the root zone.  Here’s a Quick Start Guide to learn the basics.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

We stand behind our lights 100% and warranty them for 5 years. For a full description of our product warranty, click here.  

Are your lights dimmable?

Our standard lights are currently not dimmable. However, we offer two series of lights to help growers control light intensity. If you are interested in a light with custom dimmable features, please contact us.


What kind of support do you offer?

You’ll be thrilled to know that WE, THE FOLKS AT HAPPY LEAF, answer the phone and emails from you, our customers.  We have not automated that task and we don’t plan to.  Remember when you could talk to someone at a company who really wanted to help you?  That’s what happens when you reach out to us.  We also have a horticulturist on staff that can assist you with your growing questions.  The phone number is 815-414-2209 and the email address is info@happyleafled.com.

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