Let’s Garden!

Have you heard that gardening has not been cancelled? Our message is that we want to help you garden, wherever works best for you, whether your garden is a single herb on your counter-top, or an expansive array of raised beds in the country. The point is, if you can do any level of gardening at all, your quality of life is going to improve.  And that’s what we want for everyone.

We are sharing some FREE or low-cost resources that can guide and inspire you to grow your own fresh, healthy and low-cost food. We have information for both types of gardening, indoors and outdoors! We also have a promo code if you decide you want to purchase from us. We hope you will stick with this entire blog so we put the code at the end.  Tricky, right?

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Recommended Resources

Here is a list of resources that pertain primarily to seed-starting and gardening outdoors. When we want to learn more or be inspired on all things gardening online, we love to check in with all of these enthusiastic gardeners.

  • The local Extension Office – For us, it’s the University of Illinois Extension Office. Your state has one, too. These people are amazing. They have localized information about growing foods and gardening, among other things. We urge you to explore what your Extension Office is all about.

  • The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener, (Joey and Holly Baird.) These dedicated educators have a multitude of videos and podcasts along with a radio show that is chocked full of DIY and expert gardening information. Fear not, much of the information they share can be applied if you live somewhere other than Wisconsin. https://thewisconsinvegetablegardener.com/

  • The Mike Nowak Show with Peggy Malecki. “The greenest show on the air or in the cloud.” Mike and Peggy have a radio show and podcasts that are entertaining and informative. Just the other day we learned that Service Berries might be the ideal way to satisfy our interest in growing blueberries, since blueberries are almost impossible to grow where we live.

  • Petra Page-Mann, of Fruition Seeds, has a unique gift for sharing her insightful and inspiring take on all things related to seeds and growing. They have started offering webinars!

  • John Kohler’s “Growing Your Greens” on Youtube. We dare you to find someone more devoted to resourcefully growing and consuming healthy food with extreme dedication.

  • Joel Karsten knows plenty about straw bale gardens because he wrote a best-selling book titled, you guessed it, Straw Bale Gardens. Have you tried straw bale gardening yet? It’s pretty cool and a unique way to go about outdoor gardening.

  • Jeb the Gardener is quite the personality, with a unique take on everything. Lots of DIY ideas and a legit understanding of growing. We hope someday our videos are half as cool as his.

Happy Leaf LED Resources

We are keeping busy, so feel free to binge on all of the information we are generating.

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We hope that some of the information we provide will be “share worthy” – doing so helps us help you!

Final Words

You stuck with it!  Bravo.  We are digging in to help everyone garden more with minimal resources.  You may have heard of Victory Gardens – they are starting to trend again!  Victory gardens are memorable and noteworthy because they brought hope and real benefit to millions of people at a very uncertain time in history.

As we are, once again, at a pivotal point in history, we hope that the gardens we plant will be the victory we need.

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