ProcyonPRO 33" - LED Grow Light - Single Light Package

Our ProcyonPRO LED grow light is for the most demanding growers because we incorporate our own unique, leading-edge spectrum design with optimized energy performance – which means great results with low energy requirements.  The ProcyonPRO is adaptable for all plant growth stages. This package INCLUDES a single 100 Watt power supply with each light which is ideal for setting the lights up in a multitude of situations.  See further details below.


ProcyonPRO 33" - LED Grow Light - Single Light Package

  • 120 degree beam angle
  • Industry-leading combination of red/blue/green/white LEDs for maximum plant growth efficiency
  • Efficacy:  2.1 umol/J
  • PPFD data in spec sheet link below
  • Impressive experience for the human eye – the ubiquitous “burple” or pink” cast commonly associated with grow lights is all but eliminated – equivalent to 2900 Kelvin white light appearance
  • Passive cooling and silent operation
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Link to ProcyonPRO SPECIFICATIONS here. 


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