Seed starting can be incredibly easy with the right tools and it is also very rewarding! 


While great for any stage of plant growth, Happy Leaf LEDs are exceptional at getting your plants off to a great start!

You will see better germination and produce sturdier and healthier seedlings than you would with many other types of grow lights.

Our wavelength-specific lights use the highest quality LEDs on the market. Unlike most other grow lights, Happy Leaf LED lights can be used for the full life-cycle of your plants, from seed starting and beyond. 

So, how much area does the light cover for seed starting?  Quite a bit.

The 17” light conservatively covers 2’ x 4’.

The 33” light conservatively covers 3’ x 4’.

These lights are much different than fluorescents in many ways.  But one of the main differences for seed starters is that the light should be placed anywhere from 12” – 18” from the seed starts. 

Get your plants off to a healthy start with our high-quality grow lights. IT’S ABOUT THE LIGHT TM.

Growers love seed starting with Happy Leaf LEDs

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