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Hidden Timber Gardens-Testimonial using Happy Leaf LED grow lights

High-Efficiency Indoor LED Grow Lighting

High-Efficiency Indoor LED Grow Lighting

Hidden Timber Gardens-Testimonial using Happy Leaf LED grow lights

Happy Leaf is a homegrown company with a great big passion for helping indoor growers succeed. Since 2014 we’ve been committed to constantly innovating our own designs and manufacturing our products here in the United States.

Happy Leaf LED Grow Lights offers two product lines: The Procyon and the Procyon PRO. Both lines offer an elegant, highly efficient, reliable and effective LED grow light. Both are made in the USA and are backed by the very best customer service and support. We have a short video (above) that explains the differences so you can decide which line is right for your needs.

Book Cover for Grow Lettuce in Your Living Room
BOOK - Grow Lettuce in Your Living Room

If you want to be more food self-sufficient, eat pesticide-free produce, save time and money, and begin a hobby that rewards you day after day, year after year, an indoor LED passive hydroponics garden may be just what the doctor ordered. You’ll be amazed how quickly vegetables grow and how much food you can produce in a small space.

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Grow Tomatoes Indoors - Part 1

We’ve dialed in the varieties and a simple method for you to have a wonderful INDOOR tomato plant throughout the year, or just in the winter. You can harvest these cherry or larger tomatoes for several months.

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Getting the right spectrum recipe is both art and science. We’ve perfected the ratios of the essential wavelengths, which means your plants will be happy at any stage of growth.



Advancements in the horticultural LED market are ever-changing. Procyon© Series lights meet the most current standards for optimal use of wavelengths coupled with optimal efficiency.



The very best engineering means the light is very simple to use and will outlast many lights currently in the market. Happy lights make happy customers.



The sleek and lightweight design creates a flexible light that can be used in a variety of situations, from top-canopy to intra-canopy, to non-traditional growing set-ups.

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Dog Food?! Potatoes!? Cereal?! Nope....Clay Pellets!

We love using clay pellets, especially when doing the Kratky Method.
These pellets are easy to wash and reuse and last forever (unless you step on them).

How do I sanitize them?
1. Use a mesh, delicates laundry bag & toss in the dishwasher on the sanitize cycle.
2. Boil on high for 5-10 minutes.

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We want to take a moment to appreciate all the hard work, love, and dedication that goes into being a mother.

Whether you are a new mom, a grandma, a stepmom, or a mother figure, you are an important part of your family's lives and we celebrate you!

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🍅 Fresh, home-grown tomatoes all year round? Yes, please! 🙌🏼

We were able to cultivate these juicy beauties right in our office! The Heartbreakers™ Dora Red Hybrid from Totally Tomatoes is blowing us away with its production.

Say goodbye to tasteless, store-bought tomatoes and hello to the most flavorful, nutritious, and sustainable produce you've tasted 😋
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This year, give Mom what she really wants. 🍅🥬
A high-quality USA-made grow light that lets her harvest all year.

◍ Procyon 2.0 -

◍ Beginner Home Grow Kit -

◍ Try It All Grow Bundle -

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Hidden Timber Gardens – Monica and Jim Putnam


Happy Leaf LED began as an endeavor by our lighting engineer, Victor Zaderej, to develop a state-of-the-art horticultural grow light based on his in-depth expertise with solid-state lighting. Learn More about Our Story

Get 10% Off Your Purchase of Two or More Procyon 2.0 or PRO LED Grow Lights with Code at Checkout
Get 10% Off Your Purchase of Two or More Procyon 2.0 or PRO LED Grow Lights with Code at Checkout
Get 10% Off Your Purchase of Two or More Procyon 2.0 or PRO LED Grow Lights with Code at Checkout